Duration: 6:30

Difficulty: Advanced

Instrumentation: Solo Percussion

Transform: for percussion and electronics is a work that attempts to reframe the notion of virtuosity in percussion music. The piece is built in three distinctive sections, each of them transforming the materials of the previous one. The first section displays classic counterpoint between performer and the electronic component. The second section utilizes a rhythmic canon in which the performer and electronics attempt to overcome one another. The most drastic change occurs at the fiery arrival of the work leading into the third section; at this point, the fabric of the previous universe rips apart revealing a rich landscape of tonality. Shadows of the past sections reappear as if seen through a looking glass, but the roles and character of the percussion instruments have completely changed from virtuosic, clattering articulations to silky undulations working in cohesion with the electronic element. At the coda of the work,


Performances: SEAMUS National Conference - April 22nd, 2017 - St. Cloud, MN

Performer: Dr. Chris Lizak, Performing


Part + Elect.

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Transform will be available for purchase after its premiere at the SEAMUS 2017 conference in April!

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