Duration: 6:00

Difficulty: Advanced

Instrumentation: Sax Ensemble


Plunge, for saxophone ensemble, is a piece that about skydiving. In the opening moments of the work, you will hear very sparse, nervous music that represents the anxious feelings you would feel standing in the airplane before you drop. Imagine you have your parachute strapped on to your back with full gear ready to jump. Suddenly, the door opens and you begin regretting your decision as you look toward earth! You decide that you’re already here and ready to go, you might as well take the plunge; so, you hop out of the plane. In the first moments, your breath is completely taken away and your heart rate begins to skyrocket. Soon, however, after you stabilize in the air and allow your arms to stretch outward, you feel exhilarated! You also begin to notice the beauty of the earth, seeing it now from a vantage point that few others have been able to enjoy. Then, as you realize the time is drawing near for you to open your parachute, the nervous feelings from before come rushing in one final time in a fierce peak of anxiety. As you pull the chord, the chute opens, and you begin gliding effortlessly toward the ground. Finally realizing that you are going to be safe in the end, you float down until your feet find their way onto the surface.

Premier Performance: Austin Saxophone Ensemble



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