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Pedagogical Pieces

Young Bands

Marching Bands and Indoor Drum Line

Chris Ozley has written pedagogical pieces for band, which provide a wonderful challenge for developing groups. Beyond the Ridge, published by FJH Music, was composed for the Canyon Ridge Middle School Honors Band (Austin, TX) for their 2014 Midwest Clinic performance in Chicago, Illinois. This piece has received numerous accolades including making the Bandworld “Top 100” List  (produced by the Western International Band Clinic—WIBC) for 2015 and 2016. This work, along with Chasing Prisms, have become top-sellers in his catalogue.


Having been a band director and having worked with some of the top middle school and high school ensembles in the country, Chris brings an intellectual acuity to his works, which display a complete understanding of the capabilities of these ensembles. If you would like to commission the composer to write a customized piece for your ensemble, please feel free to contact  the composer directly.

Young Band Pieces

Chasing Prisms

Symphonic Band

Grade: 5



Beyond the Ridge

Symphonic Band

Grade: 3



In addition to his credits as a professional composer, Chris is a sought-after arranger for marching bands across the country, and he has years of hands-on experience producing hundreds of shows. Chris’ compositions and arrangements have helped numerous band programs across the southern U.S. earn several prestigious distinctions including grand championships, high percussion trophies, and countless best-in-class awards.


Chris gained a wealth of knowledge about the marching band activity through his own experience as a marching member and through teaching world-class organizations. During his time with DCI and DCA, Chris served as a battery tech for the Colts Drum and Bugle Corps (Dubuque, Iowa), Spirit Drum & Bugle Corps (Jacksonville, AL) and the CorpsVets Drum and Bugle Corps (Rockmart, GA). Chris was also a marching member and section leader of Spirit Drum and Bugle Corps in 2001, 2002, 2004, and 2005. Additionally, he has taught and arranged for Jacksonville State University’s marching percussion section—including their 2004 PASIC Indoor Drumline Show, and he has taught at many notable programs in Georgia including Ringgold High School and Central-Carroll High School. He continues to draw upon the years of experience he has in the marching activity to develop a unique arranging style that has been proven to achieve results.

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