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News for December 14th, 2016:


Well, the new site is up and running and it’s looking great! Thanks to the design stylings of Kramer Elwell, I’m all dressed up in a spiffy new look—those Washingtonians sure know how to do the computer things. Bravo, Kramer! You all should look him up if you’re in the need of a new website. Very reasonably-priced, and he will go every extra mile to make sure it looks and feels the way you want it. Do it. Contact him!


Let’s get on to the current and upcoming events!




My Beginner Composition class (214-C) just put on an incredible, hour-long concert of new works for string quartet and various other small ensembles. I wanted to give a quick congratulations to them all for their extraordinary efforts! These students make teaching a blast.


—Percussion Concerto Performance:


On November 17th, 2016, Adam Groh absolutely annihilated my Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble! It was incredible! A special thank you to Curran Prendergast and the Truman State Wind Symphony for a fabulous performance! Footage forthcoming.




I’ll be winging my way back to Karachi, Pakistan, again for another round of “Sangat" in late December following some much needed R & R with the family back east. As usual, I’ll be playing percussion (primarily drum set) underneath a litany of eastern classical and western classical fusion pieces, including my very own Musica Senza Confini—which was co-composed with international sitar guru Nafees Ahmed. It looks to be another exciting and engaging trip! We are also going to be heading to Islamabad to play more concerts to a broader audience. I’ll be sure to follow up with photos and such after I’m home.


—Austin Saxophone Ensemble:


My work Plunge was recently recorded this spring for release in 2017! I’ll be sure to post any audio I’m allowed as soon as I have it available. This group is absolutely stunning and consistently performs to a broad audience of over 200 people! New music is alive and well in Austin, guys!




I’m also going to be working on a new and exciting collaboration with Tetractys—a local music collective here in Austin which draws the greatest musical talents around to collaborate on unique and cutting-edge projects. The illustrious Kraken Percussion Quartet will be involved as well as Dance Waterloo. Lots of exciting things, folks! Look for more soon; additionally, the project will come to fruition this coming May in, non other than, a BMX bike and skate park in downtown Austin. We’re keeping it real weird.


SEAMUS and Cmd-Q:


Transform: for percussion and electronics has been accepted to the SEAMUS National Convention for a Saturday concert performance (April 22nd, 2017). Dr. Chris Lizak has so graciously agreed to slam out these percussive notes in the chilly land of St. Cloud, Minnesota. Feel free to check out the piece in my works section! Also, it would appear that the entire “Cmd-Q” laptop contingency made it into SEAMUS; I feel a reunion tour afoot! Stay tuned for more info.



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The Cmd+Q Laptop Trio is a new electronic music ensemble, made up of composers Chris Ozley, Jon Fielder, and Kramer Elwell. Cmd+Q seeks to bring a humanistic and musically varied touch to live, all-digital electronic performances through the use of self-programmed software improvisation interfaces.

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