In the City


Duration: 13:00

Difficulty: Advanced

Instrumentation: Alto Sax and Piano

When I decided to write a piece for saxophone, I wanted to write something that showed off the jazzy and latin side as well as the more classical and romantic side of the instrument. In the City for alto saxophone and piano is a programmatic piece in which these various styles of music collide. The first movement “New Territory” concerns my move to Austin, Texas, for graduate school; it illustrates many of the nervous and anticipatory feelings I felt when coming to this place 1000 miles from home. The second movement “Beauty” concerns the physical charm of Austin and the hill country. The third movement “On the Highway” is about something I have come to know very well during my time here which is the Austin traffic; you will no doubt hear tires squealing in this particular movement. The fourth movement “Lost” is about feeling adrift in a new place. Finally, the fifth movement “Nightlife” illustrates the down-town, bustling atmosphere of Austin during the evening when multiple bands are playing at various venues in close proximity to one another and the musical energy created through sampling these sundry and often jarring combinations of musical ideas.

Performers:  Andrew Harrison - Alto Sax

                          Clare Longendyke - Piano


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