Finster's Paradise


Duration: 7:00

Difficulty: Advanced

Instrumentation: Chamber Orchestra

Finster's Paradise refers to the Paradise Gardens created by Howard Finster—the father of modern folk art in the southeastern United States. In his gardens, located in Summerville, Georgia, Finster created several concrete mosaics made of broken glass, shattered mirrors and trash. Within my work, musical fragments and "throwaways" work against one another initially in an argumentative quality until they can go no further. After a climactic breaking down, the fragments realign and coalesce into a much more agreeable and beautiful ending reminiscent of Finster’s mosaics. The embodiment of Finster's style and my compositional approach for the work is seen through the following:


“I took the pieces you threw away

and put them togather [sic] by night and day.

Washed by rain dried by sun,

a million pieces all in one.”

—H. Finster



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