Duration: 5:00

Difficulty: Grade 5

Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble

With incessant rhythms and a relentless pulse, Detour is a whirlwind from beginning to end. The piece commences with a repeated rhythm or ostinato in the low winds which pervades much of the work. Through the course of time, this pattern is slashed apart by interrupting motives and paired with unlikely melodies. As each of these elements compete for importance, a quarrel ensues between each of the component sections of the band--ultimately playing out in a climax where the “machine” has no other choice but to grind to a halt. This work is an exercise in precision and extremes, where the full forces of the wind ensemble are explored through rhythm and color.


Awards: ASCAP Morton Gould Award, Finalist, 2013 and SCI Region 6 Winner 2013.


Premiered by: the UT CLUTCH Wind Ensemble under the baton of Marc Sosnowchik in Bates Recital Hall at the University of Texas at Austin, January 31st, 2013.



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